Laryngology and Voice Association

Registered body for professionals working in laryngology and upper airway disorders in India

What do we do ?

LVA is a registered professional body based in India with membership across the country.  Its activities involve promoting developments in the field of laryngology and voice disorders. 


Learn and share your skills from experts across the world. LVA conducts regular fellowships, workshops, eLearning modules.


Learn and share your skills amongst peers. LVA conducts regular conferences and CMEs to help the community grow and network.


LVA encourages and promotes basic and translational research in the field of Laryngology and upper airway disorders. Apart from awards, LVA publishes a biannual peer reviewed, open-source medical journal in the field.

Want to specialise in the management of laryngeal and upper airway disorders? Apply for a Laryngology fellowship?

LVA supports and accredits laryngology fellowships internationally and within India. Opportunities are limited and candidates need to apply as per eligibility.


Join LVA

LVA invites eligible persons to join this vibrant and dynamic scientific community. 

Membership benefits


Meet and network with leading scientists from across the world dealing with cutting edge work in the field of laryngology and upper airway disorders.


Learn from the masters in CMEs, live surgery workshops and more. LVA supports exclusive fellowships to eligible members from time to time.

Interdisciplinary forum

The LVA has members from across a wide spectrum of domains. These range from ENT surgeons, speech language pathologists, upper airway surgeons, oncologists, anaesthesiologists, professional voice users and more.