ePoster for Laryngology Summit 2021 – Jeet

Name : Jeet Mehta

Category : Postgraduate student

This ePoster has been submitted as an academic activity towards the Dr BM Abrol ePoster Award in the Category of Post Graduate Student for Laryngology Summit 2021. Please feel free to comment using the discussion box below.

Please click on poster for a larger image

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  1. Mansi Shah

    Very precisely presented poster.. appreciated

  2. Sandeep Mehta

    Good job, well presentation.. Keep it up.

  3. Sunny

    Very well presented.

  4. Rajal Jani

    Crisp, very well presented.

  5. Shilby Xavier

    Very informative Dr Jeet, great work!

  6. Preet Mehta

    Very well demonstrated…keep it up !

  7. Meet Mehta

    Well done with the detailing…Very explanatory

  8. Juhi Mehta

    Very well presented, Keep up the good work!

  9. Dr Arjita

    Very well presented…

    Good explanation

  10. Mona Mehta

    Excellent presentation, Keep it up!

  11. Dr Nehal Vinod

    Very well written, good work!

  12. Jilay

    Very well presented

  13. Sanjiv Mehta

    Excellent presentation.

  14. Kavya

    Very well explained, keep up the good work.

  15. Hema

    Excellent work, precise presentation


    Well done Dr. Jeet , very well presented…..keep it up……

  17. Riddhi Shah

    Great case study. Nice presentation very much in depth

  18. Chetan Mehta

    Very nice presentation, clearly a work of thorough research

  19. Mansi

    Great Presentation !! Keep up the great work !

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