ePoster for Laryngology Summit 2021 – Litta Justine

Name : Litta Justine

Category : Postgraduate student

This ePoster has been submitted as an academic activity towards the Dr BM Abrol ePoster Award in the Category of Post Graduate Student for Laryngology Summit 2021. Please feel free to comment using the discussion box below.

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  1. A J Mahendran

    Well explained case

    1. Dr.Litta

      Thank you sir

  2. Gajashree s

    Very nice poster

    1. Dr.Litta

      Thank you

  3. Dr. Sonali Prasad

    Very nice poster..πŸ‘

  4. Jose

    Very well explained . Congratulations

    1. dr litta

      thank you

  5. Uday Kulkarni

    Excellent efforts,very nicely compiled, comprehensive

  6. Emmanuel Parekkattu

    Excellent Poster

    1. Abbas Maravettickal

      Very Good
      All The Best

  7. Philip D

    Well explained.

    1. dr litta

      thank you sir

  8. Janani R

    Well explained case. Regards.

  9. Shabnam Negi

    Well explained… All the best

  10. Chaithra T

    Nicely compiled, well explained , good one

  11. Dr ankur Gupta

    Very informative poster ,well written n crafted

  12. Elvis

    To the point Informative!

  13. Dr Priyanka Chamoli

    Well executed poster .

    1. dr litta

      thank you mam

  14. Darly Cyriac

    Excellent presentation

  15. Dr. Sandeep

    Very well written and very informative.

    1. dr litta

      thank you sir

  16. Leo

    To the point and we’ll executed

  17. Joseph

    Very informative and well explained.

  18. Richard Joshi

    Excellent work,very well explained.

  19. Obin Roy

    Very informative

  20. Neethu Tom

    Very informative and understanding in detail

  21. Vrinda Sreekumar

    Very informative and presented beautifully.

  22. Jacob

    Nice one..

  23. Dr Firoz Ahmed

    Great work Dr Litta

    1. dr litta

      Thank you Sir

  24. Dr Ashwin Tripathi

    Good explanation and keen attention to details. Nice work Dr Litta.

    1. dr litta

      Thank you Sir

  25. Dr Shilpam Sharma

    Very nicely written and very informative poster !

    1. dr litta

      Thank you Mam

  26. Dr Sarah Idrees

    Crisp and concise. Well done πŸ‘πŸ»

    1. dr litta

      Thank you Mam

  27. Dr Sainulabid

    Very well explained. Nice work Dr LittaπŸ‘πŸ»

    1. dr litta

      Thank you sir

  28. nimisha tom

    Very informative and poster.well done…

  29. Dr. Manaswita

    Excellent presentation of an eposter, very specific, brief but highly informative. Good work.

    1. dr litta

      Thank you Mam

  30. Dr Sabarirajan P

    Interesting and informative.. one of the important DDs for which we should know the line of management, especially for tropical countries.. hope u come up with a series..

    1. dr litta

      Thank you sir.I will definitely try.

  31. Dr Sneha

    Very conscise and informative….great work.

  32. Hritik Sheoran

    Amazing description, really informative.

  33. Dr. Rohit Bhardwaj

    Excellent presentation.

    1. dr litta

      Thank you Sir

  34. Dr Anukaran Mahajan

    Very interesting case. Nicely presented.

    1. dr litta

      Thank you Sir

  35. Vaibhav

    Concise and informational

  36. Dr Amit

    Great explanation, a presentation full of info

    1. dr litta

      Thank you Dr.Amit

  37. Dr Sahu

    Great work and in detail explanation

  38. Lovely Thomas

    Nice poster..

  39. Santhosh Kumar MR

    Nice Poster

  40. Santhosh Kumar MR

    Good poster

  41. Javed

    Well Explained

  42. Nazim

    O wow fabulous……..keep it up

    1. dr litta

      Thank you Sir

  43. Dr. Hasan

    Informative and very well presented. Keep up the good work Dr. Firoz.

  44. Jisha Gregory

    Very informative, well explained..

  45. Don Gregory

    Nice Presentation

  46. Lerin

    Great work. Keep going.

  47. Mudit

    Informative and very well presented

  48. Jerin jose

    Well explained and informative

  49. Marykutty

    Good effort. Keep it up!

  50. VINEET

    Excellent poster

  51. Amit Kumar Jha

    Informative and well defined..
    Gud work πŸ™‚

  52. Joel

    Well done Litta, concise and well executed poster. Keep it up!

  53. SalininSunil

    Well Done Litta.. ❀️

  54. Rajagopalan


  55. Sherly George

    A well-crafted presentation.

  56. Louis KT

    Great presentation. Very informative.

  57. Anna Joseph

    Excellent presentation. Well executed

  58. Soumya pillai

    Well explained.congrats

  59. Soumya pillai

    Very informative.congrats

  60. Soumya pillai

    Easy to understand.congrats

  61. Soumya pillai

    Very informative.Best wishes

  62. Sheeba Mathew

    Excellent presentation. Keep it up Litta

  63. Dr Bharani

    Nicely explained.

    1. dr litta

      Thank you doc

  64. Jeril Joseph

    Very informative and concise, allowed the information to be understood with ease

  65. Anil Bagde

    Well explained and informative

  66. Mini Thachil

    Good work, keep it up

  67. Dr Rajaram R


  68. Tessy K Mathews

    Well done.

  69. Nijo Joseph

    Good one

  70. Alphy Benny

    Well done

  71. Julia Joseph

    Presented well, information to the point and informative. Very good!

  72. Dr Vignesh Kumar R

    Very impressive poster! Good work! Keep going! πŸ‘

  73. Joseph varghese

    Excellent work Litta. Well done

    1. dr litta

      Thank you Sir

  74. Dr Hoonigan

    Nice work Litta. Awesome

  75. dr litta

    Thank you Doc

  76. Dr kunzes Dolma

    Great presentation ..Litta

    1. Dr.Litta

      Thank you mam

  77. Dr Karthika Nathan

    Well presented!!

    1. Dr.Litta

      Thank you mam

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