ePoster for Laryngology Summit 2021 – Sanjay

Name : Sanjay Singh Rawat

Category : Postgraduate student

This ePoster has been submitted as an academic activity towards the Dr BM Abrol ePoster Award in the Category of Post Graduate Student for Laryngology Summit 2021. Please feel free to comment using the discussion box below.

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  1. Naveen dhirwan

    Thanks for the informative information

  2. Navya

    Informative ,effective poster…. Well organised and easy to and other visuals enhance presentation ..poster is neat and content is clear and easy to understand ….great job Sanjay sIngh Rawat and whole team✌

  3. Isha Channa

    Well organised poster…

  4. Dharmjit

    Effective and informative…thanks

  5. Parul

    Informative 👍👍 keep going

  6. Sankranti Devi

    Informative and detailed description in a concise form. Well organized poster and easy to understand.

  7. Deepanjli Sharma

    Very nicely presented, useful information.

  8. Nia k

    Informative poster….

  9. Gazala

    Very nice presented.
    Keep going.

  10. Archana

    Great poster..well structured and informative.

  11. Vandana


  12. Kavita Kaushal

    A very informative and comprehensive review with promising and innovative insights for future refinements of the animal models for LTS. Well done sanjay!

  13. Siva durga kammili

    Fisrt the poster contest is claerly visible nd effective to read then coming to content definitely this information will be helpful….. Nicely presented very briefly and everyone can understand.. Keep going like this to ensure inovative ideas👍

      1. Ankita bharambe

        Poster is neat and clean and nicely presented👍🏻🙌

  14. Aj

    Informative….well presented, keep going on

  15. Swati Keshav Hawale

    Well organized and nicely structured poster… Thank you for this information…

  16. Rashmi

    Concise, easy-to-follow and informative poster on LTS. The limitations of current models are clearly defined.

      1. Lovedeep singh

        Poster is easy to understand and display attracts viewer’s attention

  17. Praveena

    Good poster, neat presentation. Graphics are quite good too. Informative👍

  18. Kshitij

    A well-made poster, thank you for this information on LTS models.

  19. Murali K

    Clear, explanatory poster with nice graphics. Keep up the good work!

  20. Kiran

    Good work on LTS models. This will surely help influence future work on this.

  21. Pratibha

    Very good and informative poster. Really very well define.👏👏👏👏.

  22. Priya

    Very informative

  23. Baldeep kaur

    Very informative in concise form,well oraganized..keep up..

  24. Pallavi Rani

    Poster is very nice and presented for easy understanding. keep it up.

  25. Kanchan more

    Text is clear and to the point nicely presented… Keep it up

  26. Prabhjot

    A good initiative and well organized methodology

  27. Bhupinder saini

    Good presentation up to the mark👍👍

  28. Suman More

    Nyc presentation… well done

  29. Lovedeep singh

    Very nicely presented poster especially display attracts viewer’s attention

  30. Shubham

    Very nicely presented.

  31. Alex

    Nice poster with key information regarding the topic.

  32. S

    Very informative and well organised .

  33. Reenu kataria

    Very informative… great work

  34. Pooja

    Poster is neat and clean and nicely presented ❤👏👏

  35. Aditi

    Amazing work!
    Knowledgeable as well as well organised.
    Keep it up💗

  36. Padma priya

    Very good and informative poster and very easy understanding..nicely presented ❤️

  37. Vatsal

    Very Informative

  38. Rajendra More

    Excellent work… Very informative

  39. Ankita bharambe

    Poster is informative , clean and nicely presented👍🏻🙌

  40. Rashmi Rikhi

    Well organised and informative. Diagrammatic representation is helping in understanding the text well.

  41. Pragya

    Poster is neat and clean and nicely presented

  42. Kashish

    Its nice and as well as very informative

  43. Surbhi

    Great work 👍

  44. Reena Kumari

    It’s a very informative poster….good job mr. Sanjay Rawat

  45. Sonia

    Very good and informative ,effective poster..well organised poster ..poster contents is clear nd easy Understand nd Attract Viewer’s Attentions…👌👍✌

  46. Dr. K. Gunaswetha

    Very nicely prepared and very informative , All the best for your future endeavours..

  47. Naresh potinda

    Informative poster … Keep it up

  48. Pankaj

    Very Informative, organised and eye catchy


    The poster has been a Great source of information and highly valuable for boosting the knowledge in the certain field

  50. Riya Sharma

    Very informative..

  51. Madhu

    Great job Sanjay… Keep it up 👍😊

  52. Ayush

    Very effective and orginized poster

  53. Ayush

    Very effective and orginized poster 100💯

  54. JATIN

    Very good poster support will be 100 💯

  55. Sahiba

    Good 💯🔥👍👍

  56. Anshika

    Very nice 👍👍💯🔥

  57. Kuldeep kumar

    Very effective poster👌

  58. Ankit channa

    Keep it up 👍👍 very good👍👍

  59. Yogesh channa

    Ver cool 😎 keep it up 👍👍

  60. Akash nagra

    Nyc poster Sanjay Rawat

  61. Shnaya

    Very informative

  62. Tanish

    Nice post

  63. Manoshi

    Awsm 😍 mam

  64. Eena Dodwani

    Very Nice and informative 👍👌

  65. Sanchi

    Informative and very well presented.🙂👍

  66. Poonam

    Very informative and well organised poster

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