ePoster for Laryngology Summit 2021 – Sarika

Name : Sarika Beniwal

Category : Junior Consultant

This ePoster has been submitted as an academic activity towards the Dr BM Abrol ePoster Award in the Category of Junior Consultant for Laryngology Summit 2021. Please feel free to comment using the discussion box below.

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  1. Dr Shikhar gupta

    Useful data as this is a really common intraop problem we encounter in MLS surgery.
    MMI is a useful indicator

  2. Dr sarika

    Thank you Dr Shikhar
    Yes MMI is quite useful

  3. DR Jameel

    Useful paper..

  4. Dr sarika

    Thank you dr Jameel for appreciating

  5. Manish Munjal

    Most challenging aspect of microlaryngeal surgery… but least talked about

    1. Dr sarika

      That’s true sir
      DLE is quite challenging and least talked about , even there is paucity of literature in this regard.

      1. Dr Abhinit kumar

        very informative , concise and easy to remember

        1. Dr sarika

          Thank you sir for the appreciation

  6. Varun

    Great paper ma’am. Really useful in predicting difficulty for anaesthetists so that they can be prepared for more tools beforehand for visualisation of larynx.

  7. Dr Shama Shishodia

    Very informative and interesting paper Mam.
    My takeaway message would be MMI followed by BMI are useful predictors for difficult airway.

    1. Dr sarika

      Thank you dr Shama
      Very well taken up

  8. Dr sarika

    Thank you dr varun
    Yes definitely it will help anaesthetist as well larnyngologists for the difficult cases

  9. Shweta Gogia

    Excellent information, this is really instrumental in assessment of the case both for the anesthetist and the surgeon.

    1. Dr sarika

      Thank you ma’am
      Yes definitely it helps in preoperative assessment

  10. Dr Kavish Jhawar

    Very informative paper ma’am.

    1. Dr sarika

      Thank you dr kavish

  11. Dr Iram Khan

    Informative, concise and thought provoking both for otolaryngologists and anaesthesiologists .

    1. Dr sarika

      Thank you dr Iram

  12. Dr Sourabh Shankar Chakraborty

    Lucid and befitting parameters to assess pre operatively the difficulties during MLS. Very well presented poster.

    1. Dr sarika

      Thank you dr Sourabh

  13. Dr Nitya Subramanian

    A study which highlights the importance and usefulness of clinical parameters prior to laryngeal surgery . Well presented.

    1. Dr sarika

      Thank you dr Nitya

  14. Dr manju Bansal

    Very informative poster, very useful in pre Op evaluation of difficult airway in laryngeal surgery patients. Well presented ??

    1. Dr sarika

      Thank you ma’am

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