ePoster for Laryngology Summit 2021 – Sheelia

Name : Sheelia Ouseph

Category : Postgraduate student

This ePoster has been submitted as an academic activity towards the Dr BM Abrol ePoster Award in the Category of Post Graduate Student for Laryngology Summit 2021. Please feel free to comment using the discussion box below.

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    thank you for posting .. technicalities related to surgery is neck incision needs to be much more conservative and absolutely no need for apron incision . a simple 4-6 cm horizontal incision over cricoid serves the purpose . i do congratulate you in doing this difficult dreaded surgery ..

    1. Sheelia Ouseph

      Thank you for your input sir..we preferred apron incision for ensuring complete visualisation of laryngeal framework, as patients were cases of laryngotracheal trauma

  2. Girish Dimri


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