ePoster for Laryngology Summit 2021 – Shradha Saindani

Name : Dr Shradha Saindani

Category : Postgraduate student

This ePoster has been submitted as an academic activity towards the Dr BM Abrol ePoster Award in the Category of Post Graduate Student for Laryngology Summit 2021. Please feel free to comment using the discussion box below.

Please click on poster for a larger image

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  1. Pooja Samwal

    Easily understandable and well organised..good work👍…

  2. Subash Bhatta

    Very nice illustration… Very infomative at the sibgle glance..

  3. Komal warhade

    Great Shraddha 👍

  4. Ketki Prabhu

    Very well written and eloquent and nicely described.

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